Wednesday’s Thought for the Day – Carrying on the With the Weird

Unload and Unwind

Quotation-Charles-Baxter-day-Meetville-Quotes-91983 If you have a choice between boring and weird what would you choose to enjoy?

I decided to go with the flow of the weird and wonderful for this Wednesday and provide two wonderful little gems about embracing the weirdness within – go on fly that freak flay I DARE YOU!!!


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The Importance of Remaining Positive

Love, love, love!
Positivity potpourri!

~Ivy Elizabeth
forever effervescent & herbal

Unload and Unwind

positive thougths

Some may find this post on staying positive a little strange considering the tenor of my previous rants against what is happening not just in Australia but around the world.

It is why I decided to devote just a little space today to explaining that although I have a negative attitude toward much of what is happening I do not hold that negativity in my heart and mind.

What I do hold there is the pure belief that it is possible to fight back and save much that is in danger and that is the positivist attitude and faith in the future that I hold to. I also believe that the positive attitude to life brings the most peace to all at the end of the day regardless of what the world puts in our path.

stay positive

There are a number of reasons for holding that belief and faith in the…

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The “Now”

“Live in the Now”

I feel like that’s good advice if the “now” is good…if the “now” is decent or better, I can see that focusing on those moments v.s. stressing out about the future or reliving the past is the way to go.


What do you do if the “now” sucks? Do you focus on the “right now” that’s hard & painful or focus on the future?

I bet you thought, “Focus on the future!” But, what if the future doesn’t seem bright, either?

If everything you want & have dreamed of seems so far away…& you keep running towards it but you’re not covering any ground….& the “now” is a living hell….what’s left?

Lost & discouraged,

~Ivy Elizabeth

forever effervescent & herbal

Food for Thought

When you really think about it – all things in life are interpretation.

Imagination doesn’t require an explanation….it also doesn’t require understanding…because it’s a symbol of your self expression.

Logic is truly just an illusion. Everything is as real as the idea that creates it.

So, since every idea is created through a thought…is anything truly real? Because what I have created to be true for myself is different than what someone else has created to be true for them.

Everyone has their own truth. Their own set of morals and their own idea as to what’s wrong or right. Everyone has their own beliefs, & their own way of thinking – their own logic.

Logic is just an illusion. Your logic and your truth will be different from others’ & that’s okay. Neither are wrong.

Both are right.

~Ivy Elizabeth

forever effervescent & herbal

Am I Good Enough?

Definitely agree. REBLOG

~Ivy Elizabeth
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Am I Good Enough

I was speaking at a local high school about writing. Afterward, a girl came up to me with a notebook of handwritten poems. She showed them to me shyly and asked,

“Are they good enough?”

I didn’t need to read them to know that they were good enough. She was fifteen. She had a dream. While her friends were playing violent video games and getting pregnant, she was writing poetry. That’s good enough for me.

“They are wonderful,” I said.

I am not sure we were talking about the same thing.

It’s a big question for a writer: am I good enough?

Am I good enough to get published? To get reviewed? To win an award? To make money? To come out in hardcover? To move people to tears? To win the respect of my older brother who said I would never make it?

I advise English majors. Every so…

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Fear Is Taught

It's okay to be scared to bungee defies what we've been taught since we were young - gravity, but you shouldn't not do it because you're scared to fall. Don't be afraid of hitting the afraid to never jump.

It’s okay to be scared to bungee jump…it defies what we’ve been taught since we were young – gravity, but we shouldn’t be afraid of hitting the ground…we should be afraid of never finding the courage to jump.



Remember when we were little & fearless? Small & wild…with no cares in the world but whether we were going to play pretend or jump on the trampoline?

What happened? How did we go from living creative & fearless lives to living in fear?

I think it’s because fear is taught, and expected of us.

Yeah, we should definitely not walk out in front of a moving bus…because you’ll get hurt. But should we fear buses entirely?

I think that instead of being taught to be cautious, we’re taught to be fearful.

How many times have you been told that your dream is impossible? Or that it’ll be too hard to accomplish? What if people just told us that we’d have to work for it….I feel like that would motivate us from a young age v.s. building up the fear that we may not accomplish that dream. Doubt brings fear.Where there is fear, there is negativity. Doubt, fear, & negativity will hold you back. That’s why instead of being taught to fear the journey & thinking, “This is too hard to acheive.” – we should be taught, “I’m going to work towards this, & acheive it in time.”

Cause think about it…why do most people believe what they believe religous wise? Because they’ve been taught this religon since birth.

Where do people get their sense of right & wrong? From the adults who influenced them at a young age.

If you’re raised in a Christian family, you’ll most likely have Christian values. If you’re raised by murderers, you’ll probably murder, too.

Why do most people fear a certain animal? Because either their parents do, or they had a bad experience.That’s another thing….we’re taught that after one bad experience we should just give up and hate/fear it entirely – be it an animal or a dream.

People teach us to fear snakes & sharks….success & fear….life & death….& then we fear those things.

I have a friend who went to the beach with her family. She had a great time, and can’t wait to go back. Her father was terrified of the ocean, because when he was little – his mother taught him that the beach was scary….BUT, he didn’t want to impose that fear onto his children….so…he pretended to enjoy himself  & masked his fear.

Some people will argue that we fear due to ‘instincts’. But I feel like instincts create temporary surges of emotion  – like, ‘I should be scared of that loud noise.’ Whereas fear is more permanent, and I shouldn’t be scared of all loud sounds & fear loud noises entirely.

This correlates with worrying. We worry because we fear the unknown, but ultimately…we worry because we’re taught to…From the moment we came out of the womb, we’ve been exposed to worrying. This is because we’re taught by society to try to control & plan every aspect of our lives to avoid the ‘unknown’.

So, while people try to instill cautiousness…they’re actually teaching fear which creates worry which creates disappointment which creates unhappiness. It’s all connected.

Fear is man made. Worry is man made. We should be taught to embrace the now, embrace the fearlessness from our childhood, embrace the unknown, & embrace change. This would yield happier functioning lives.

May love & peace envelop you

~Ivy Eizabeth

forever effervescent & herbal


Mending Melodies

There are many misperceptions about Music Therapy. Many people think of it as a performance, but that’s not the case. It’s an creative & interactive therapy. Many people also aren’t aware of the schooling that is required. It requires atleast a bachelor’s degree in musical foundations, clinical foundations, and music therapy foundations.

Music Therapy can be used to help with cognitive skills, speech, identifying emotions & coping with them, & provide physical exercise for patients.


Cognitive Skills –

One way to incorporate music in a cognitive exercise could be something as simple as hangman! The blanks would spell out a song title, & once the title is discovered – the song would be played and patients would sing/groove along. This gives the patients something to focus on & get them thinking while still enjoying themselves.

Speech –

Let’s say you’re working with a patient who has a lisp. You could sing songs such as The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round. Singing connects different parts of the brain, making it easier for people to pronounce things, so this exercise helps the patient execute proper ways of speaking while having a good time. Most people lose their lisps when singing, & this exercise can sometimes train their brain to eventually speak properly.

Identifying Emotions/Coping with Them –

If you’re trying to get a patient to identify with their emotions, you can simply play them a song that you feel would connect with them. Give them a copy of the lyrics. Then while listening, have them highlight lines that speak to them or that they can relate to. Afterwards, have a discussion about the song & what was highlighted.

Songwriting is a really cathartic exercise for patients as well. Whether it’s writing a song from scratch with them, or rewriting the lyrics to a song they already know. This helps patients express themselves and their emotions in a healthy way.

Active Activities –

Many patients have physical disabilities, or just don’t want to get out of bed. Drum circles, ‘pass the intrument’, and Rock Band are fun ways to get patients mobile & active while having fun!

Music Therapy isn’t a series of concerts. It’s more than just playing instruments & singing with the patients. It’s a truly effective therapy that meets the needs of patients. The only difference is it uses music to reach them.  <— Check out this website. It’s the hub of Music Therapy, & there’s a lot of cool stuff there.

~Ivy Elizabeth

forever effervescent & herbal

Mirror mirror on the wall…..

Insecurities are a part of life, but confidence should be a bigger part of it.

Personally, my confidence comes in waves. I’ll be really sure of myself for a while & then have a wave of insecurity. Wave of confidence, wave of insecurity, repeat.

The question is, how can you make your waves of confidence longer & stronger?

Well, one thing that works for me is positive affirmations. Mirror affirmations also make a huge difference. For example, look in the mirror and say things like – “You are so beautiful.” “I am lovely.” “I’m so hot.” “I’m so gorgeous.” “I love you.” “I love myself.” “I love my body.” Etc.

When you tell yourself positive things about your image – you will believe it & see it. Where as, if you say negative things to yourself about your image, you’re going to believe those things & see those things in you.

Be kind, loving, & nurturing to yourself. Believe you are beautiful & smile.

~Ivy Elizabeth
forever effervescent & beautiful

Polygamy’s Popularity

Is monogamy really going out of style?

Look around. Less & less people want to commit to one person.

‘Open relationships’ & ‘undefined relationships’ are becoming the new norm.

I don’t have a problem with polygomous relationships…but I, myself, don’t think I could handle being in one. ‘The more the merrier’ isn’t a phrase I intend to use to refer to my love life.

This has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

Below is a link with a cool view on this topic! Check it out.

~Ivy Elizabeth

forever effervescent & herbal